| Empower your products through innovation

Our thirst for innovation and collaboration reflects a proud heritage and corporate culture that has always been defined by a robust entrepreneurial spirit.
Focus on consumer insights and market intelligence, consistently innovate and develop products that fulfill consumer demand. Insights from our clients allow us to develop high performace and aesthetic products. We embrace your challenges for both standard and custom packages.
| Support product diversity through innovation
Compatibility test, new formalations test, spray rate & pattern, functionality test, swelling test, new products functional test
Technical Center
Project menagement, risk management, new products functional approval, new material approval, patents apply
Product Design
3d cad design, 3d printing, carry out solutions together with customer
Rapid mould, high precision production mould
| Innovation Case
| Supply chain
Starting from supporting parts, intermediate products and final products are made, and finally the products are delivered to consumers by the sales network, which connects suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and end users into a whole functional network chain structure. The business philosophy of supply chain management is to seek the overall optimization of the supply chain through cooperation between enterprises from the perspective of consumers. Successful supply chain management coordinates and integrates all activities in the supply chain into a seamless integrated process.

Assembly Workshop
Injection Molding Workshop
Stamping Workshop

Oxidation Workshop
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